Fragrance Wheel Family

Art of selecting PERFECT Perfume is a quintessential craft!

For effortless and effective selection of Perfumes, we can take assistance of Fragrance Wheel.

Fragrance Wheel was designed by Michael Edwards, a fragrance connoisseur who wanted to help retailers recommend perfumes in a more efficient and accurate manner. As far as design goes, it is very simple, divided into four main groups after which they branch off into smaller groups. These groups are named scent families. In general, there are four main scent families, each of which has its own sub-families. Four main scent families are Floral, Oriental, Wood, and Fresh/Citrus.

  1. Floral – The most well-known and notable scent in many fragrances. Normal notes are basics like rose, jasmine and orange bloom. Sub-families for this scent –
    • Fruity
    • Floral
    • Oriental Floral
    • Soft Floral
  2. Oriental – These are rich and intriguing fragrances. Flavors, spices and sweet notes are the most widely recognized blends. Vanilla, myrrh and anise are only probably the most famous fixings and the sub-families are as per the following:
    • Soft Oriental 
    • Woody Oriental 
    • Oriental 
  3. Wood – Aromas of warm fragrances are like sandalwood and cedar. Large numbers of them consolidate this with fresher notes like citrus and botanical fragrances to make aromas lighter. This family can likewise be portrayed as dense and bitter while the sub-families are:
    • Woods 
    • Mossy Woods
    • Dry Woods
  4. Fresh – Perfect, splendid aromas are the focal point of this family. They are more normal in aromas focused on men than ladies and they are regularly blended in with zesty notes to make a more extreme scent. The subfamilies are as per the following:
    • Aromatic 
    • Citrus 
    • Water 
    • Green 

Once you are determined about your Fragrance choice, you can confidently and effortlessly purchase Fragrance Brands! It might take a little exploration, yet it’s definitely worth the effort for finding an aroma that both addresses You and Suits You.